Rural Access & Agricultural Marketing Project

Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project. It is a third-generation rural access project. It aims to strengthen the institutional and financing base for sustainable management of state and rural network.


Our Objective

The Project Development Objective (PDOs) of RAAMP project is to improve transport conditions and bring sustained access to the rural population through rehabilitating and maintaining key rural transport infrastructure in a sustainable manner in selected areas in Nigerian States.



To bring rapid sustainable development to the rural areas through the application of internationally benchmarked Project Management best practices in the delivery of Public sector projects. Accordingly, we bring to bear, innovative, standardized, cost-effecient and effective Management Services.


Our Vision

To be the Gold Standard in the delivery of Public Sector Projects


Improvement of Rural Access and Trading Infrastructure.

component B

Sector Reform, Asset Management and Agro logistics Performance Enhancement

Component C

 Institutional Development, Project Management and Risk Mitigation


RAAMP Fundings

RAAMP is funded through contributions from the Federal Government of Nigeria through the federal  Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (FMARD).

The project is being supported by the international Development Association [IDA], a subsidiary of the world Bank, and the L’Agence Francaise de Development [French Development Agency or AFD] in the form of loans.

Our Goal

The RAAMP project is an initiative of FGN aimed to improve rural access and agricultural marketing in participating states while strengthening the financing and institutional base for effective development, maintenance, and management of the rural road network. the project is consistent with Nigeria’s Vision 2020 priorities. The proposed interventions will support Pillar 3 of the vision’s strategic framework.

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