The Honourable Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Senator Abubakar Kyari, CON, alongside his colleague, the Honourable Minister of State for Agriculture and Food Security, Senator Sabi Abdullahi, played host to the National Coordinator, Rural Access and Agricultural Marketing Project RAAMP, Engr. Aminu Bodinga Muhammed and two Task Team Leads of the Project from the World Bank Engr. Ahmed Olatunji and Rakeesh Tripathi, at his office in Abuja on the 5th of October 2023.

The purpose of the visit was to inform the HMA of the activities of the Project, provide the level of implementation of the project, and also the implementation bottlenecks experienced so far.

Engr Aminu stated that the sector reform was introduced to ensure the sustainability of the rural infrastructure investment, as well as intimated to the HMA that plans are underway to expand the scope of the project to cover the states of the country including FCT, he said this was due to the high number of rural roads that are bad and in poor condition.

He also talked about the issue of capacity building, an opportunity to relate with other countries that have success stories of rural infrastructure, he said that rural roads are key to an increase in agricultural production.